Acima Leasing payment options

Acima offers a lease model where you can own the merchandise at the end of 12, 18 or 24 months. Customers can request one of two early-purchase options to lower costs:
  • Purchase within 90 days: You pay the Acima Cash Price, which includes a markup over the original price, plus a purchase fee. The purchase fee can vary by state but is typically $25.
  • Purchase after 90 days, but before 12 months: You pay an amount that’s less than the remaining payments owed. The percentage can vary by state but is typically 65% of whatever you still owe. You can set up either an early-purchase option through Acima’s online customer portal or by contacting Acima’s customer service department.
  • Returns: You are responsible for making payments during the time you have the leased item, but you can return it at anytime without penalty, according to Acima.

How does it work?


Start Checkout

Add your items to your cart and select Acima at checkout


Complete Your Agreement

We’ll provide a lease agreement of 12 month or longer for you to review and sign.


Set up Payments

Make an initial lease payment and choose a flexible schedule based on how often you get paid.

Get approved for up to $4,000

Our application is fast and easy to complete, and won’t harm your credit. You could get approved for $300 to $4,000 of shopping power by meeting these basic requirements:

An active checking account with at least $1,000 of income per month


3 months of income history with your current source of income


Government- Issued photo ID and an SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number